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Your Happy Family Alumni Association of RVCE

Alumni Day has been preponed to
15th Aug. (No meeting on 2nd Oct 2015)

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Alumni Day has been preponed to 15th Aug. (No meeting on 2nd Oct 2015)
Recipients of Scholarships
for the Year 2014 – 15.
Let everybody know that you are attending. Old buddies will come along and recap all those nostalgic moments with you.
An insight into the roadmap of the Association, what we can do with your support and activities during the year that went by.
Check out your old buddies who are lazy and havent registered till now. Tell them you are coming - you are bound to see them their.
We are a great community who studied together lets do business together. This is our first attempt to help you give and get business from Alumni members.
Students supported by Alumni Members

Office Bearers of the association are thankful to the members for their magnanimous contributions. We could support very few of them this year. Solicit your cooperation to support more applicants (credentials have been verified). We look forward to your contributions for this noble cause. Members who desire to contribute, please send an email to

Sl. # Student Name Branch Current semester
1. Manohar H. KodiGoudar Mechanical 5th Semester
2. Basavaraja K.M. Mechanical 7th Semester
3. Praveen Tengse Instrumentation Technology 7th Semester
4. Madhu C.N. Civil 5th Semester
5. Ashoka S. Civil 5th Semester
6. Mahesh K.G. Civil 5th Semester
7. Vithal Vasant Rao Civil 5th Semester
8. Srikantha J. Computer Science 5th Semester
9. Pundaleek Anawal Mechanical 3rd Semester
10. Hanumant S.T. Computer Science 3rd Semester
11. Spoorthi H.G. Civil 5th Semester
12. Rajani Kiran B.R. Information Science 3rd Semester
13. Pramod M. Chemical 5th Semester
14. Archana SN Telecommunication 5th Semester
15. Kapeel Ambekar Mechanical 3th Semester
16. Aditya A . Baddur Computer Science 3rd Semester
17. Basavaraj S .Gurav Mechanical 3th Semester
18. Shivanad Pattanshetti Electronics and Communications 5th Semester
19. Basavaraj Devakki Mechanical 3rd Semester
20. Prasad Dongrekar Electronics and Communications 3rd Semester
21. Manjunath R. Hegde Mechanical 7th Semester
22. Manjukumar Patil Computer Science 7th Semester
23. Basavaraj S. Biotechnology 3rd Semester
24. Sharanappa Electronics and Communications 3rd Semester
25. Sudheer Computer Science 6 Semester